Pain distracts and limits you?

Pain distracts and limits you?

"My name is Marko Trivković and for more than 15 years I have been devoted to physiotherapy and manual medicine. My art is to fix problems by hands.

By improving various manual techniques in Eastern and Western medicine I developed the Master Manual System. Master Manual System is primarily a pleasant, painless and efficient handheld technique. It quickly removes pain and enable painless movement and functioning.

The realisation that the pain is gone, a smile and a surprise on your face, gives me particular pleasure.

In my professional career, I was lucky and honoured to have well respected experts, both at home and abroad, as my mentors and colleagues. I gained my rich clinical knowledge and experience in UHMC “Bezanijska kosa“, Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotovic“, Zvezdara Medical Center and private Health Center “West Medic“.

I learned from the best, that only constant education and improvement through work bring the desired result and quality.Furthermore, all my wonderful patients have been invaluable source of feedback, encouragement and inspiration. "

Sincerely, Marko Trivković

Spec MSK PT Marko Trivković

Physiotherapy specialist

Master of Chiropractic


Physiotherapy specialist, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Master of Chiropractic, Ackermann College, Stockholm


Structural Osteopathy and Soft Chiropractic, Ackermann College, Stockholm
Myofascial release, Prof. Dr. Andrej Genadovich Chechenyn

Guest appearances in shows

Treatment of lumbago

Knee pain - Gonarthrosis

Neck headache

Back pain - Lumbago



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