What is Gonarthrosis?

Gonarthrosis (Osteoarthritis of the knee) is a degenerative disease of the knee joint and represents the progressive softening, deterioration and death of the joint cartilage.

With aging, cartilage naturally loses its quality and degenerates, but this process can be accelerated by injuries, operations, inflammation, diseases and joint deformations (x or o legs). Also, excessive loads in work and sports and obesity can accelerate and intensify wear and tear of the cartilage itself in the knee.

Searching for the causes, it was found that in almost all cases of arthrosis, there is some reason that leads to either uneven distribution of the load in the joint or poor quality of the cartilage.

The characteristic of gonarthrosis is that pain occurs when walking up and down stairs, when sitting for a long time with bent legs and when starting to move after a long period of rest or rest. The knee is swollen and there is a feeling of tightness and limited mobility.

Crepitations, that is, cracking and grinding in the knee, are often heard. It is also possible to have a knee bend due to the weakness of the muscles around the joint. In the final stage, pain is present even at rest.

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