Shoulder pain

Painful shoulder or Periarthritis humeroscapularis (abbreviated PAHS) is an inflammation of the soft tissues around the shoulder joint, which is accompanied by pain in the shoulder. Pain originates from inflammation of tendons, tendon sheaths, adhesions, bursae and muscles.

Overstrain due to long-term activities that involve using the arm above shoulder level, such as washing windows, hanging curtains or laundry, dusting and painting. Then pulling and carrying larger loads and also fast, explosive and ballistic (throwing) movements in sports such as handball, water polo, volleyball and tennis.

Weakness or imbalance of the muscles around the shoulder and bad posture (kyphosis - bent back) create a suitable ground for collision of the bones in the shoulder joint and for blistering and injury of the tendons, ligaments and mucous sacs located there, which results in their inflammation and pain.

Pain and pain-restricted movements in the shoulder are the main manifestations of periarthritis. There is an inability to put the hand above the head, behind the back or to raise it. There is a sign of a painful arch when moving the arm away from the body to the side.

The pain is usually weaker at the very beginning and later intensifies to such an extent that we cannot separate the arm from the body. It develops in 3 phases: First, there is a weaker pain during greater stress, then there is moderate pain during hand movements, and finally, the pain is present even at rest.

It is important to react and seek professional help as early as possible in order to make the recovery easier, faster and painless.

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